Winnelson Saves the Day – Nashville’s Premier Wholesale Plumbing Place!

My house is not a new one.  It was built in 1945.  And apparently the toilet was installed in 1950, according to the tank lid.  So the other day when the tank cracked, it wasn’t a huge surprise.  With an older house, you just never know when something is going to need to be replaced.

Here’s the old toilet:

Because it IS an older house, there is only ONE bathroom.  So, you can see, I needed to replace that toilet and FAST!!!  But I didn’t want to replace it with just any old toilet.  I wanted a cool, groovy looking new state-of-the-art contraption that sends everything where it needs to go. 

My Dad suggested Winnelson off of Murfreesboro Road.  They apparently were going to be able to meet all of my high-end hoity-toity plumbing needs.  I had never been to the place, but my frugal nature kicked in and I made the trip with my bf and my older sis.

Sure enough, this place had some amazing plumbing supplies, and after trying out several different crappers, we settled in on one with dual flush (eco-friendly, y’all).  Let’s just say that it has a “tea” flushing side as well as a “coffee” flushing side.  So there is never any water wasted! Oh, and the price? Well I saved about $50 (and two days of shipping) over the lowest Internet price I could find, so well worth it to me!

 Meet Charlene – she helped us with our purchase and with the loading as well!  Thanks Charlene!

Here’s the new toilet – I hope you all realize that I am so ROFL!!!  No real excrements were used in the filming of this!!!


 So, thanks for the 58 years of service, good old toilet! 

Parting shots for a toilet on its way to the graveyard…