Will Hoge Scooter Accident

So most of us in Nashville heard about Will Hoge’s accident in East Nashville on Main Street this past week.  Being a fan of Will Hoge’s music, I was saddened to hear that he is in critical condition after his scooter and a van collided.  I am glad to know that he will be ok and that there was no head trauma and I wish him well.

When I heard about the accident, I had some pretty sobering thoughts. 

I don’t know Will Hoge personally.  But it seems to me that he was attempting to do something good for the environment (whether it be due to pocketbook or truly for a “cause”), and he paid a price for it – and still is – and will be for a while. 

Perhaps we all need to take more risks for our world around us.  Life is (obviously) precious and we never know what could happen in the next moment.  But let’s not go down without a fight!

Click on some links below to find out more about what we can each do — but safety first, people!






Get well Will!