Well, I Made a Mess with My Blog…

I have been blogging almost a year now and have become known as a “real estate” blogger in my office and in certain other offices in town.  I have even started doing some teaching, both in class settings and one-on-one with agents and mortgage lenders. 

It has really helped in setting me apart from the crowd in this “soft” market.

But… I goofed. 

She looks how I feel about it…

Anyway, I wrote a blog where I said that overpriced listings should not be on the market – that we should really think about advising sellers with listings that probably won’t sell NOT to put their homes on the market.  My point was that this will help to keep inventory lower. 

No problem with that.  The problem lies in the fact that I used an anonymous listing as an example and the listing agent and sellers figured out that I was talking about THEM!

The listing agent called me and let me have it.  She even called me UNETHICAL!!! 

Now, in my mind, I did not think there was any way that someone could have figured out which listing I was talking about. 

HOWEVER, when I went back and read over it and really tried to view it from their point, I could see how they would be upset about it.

I took the blog down and I sent an apologetic e-card to the agent – did not hear back from her. 

I feel really bad about it.  I have never written anything like that before and I know that I wrote the blog rather flippantly.  I also know not to be too controversial. 

So I am sharing my mistake with you to let you know that it DOES make a difference what we all say – people ARE reading and while that is GOOD news, we need to be super vigilant about what we say!

The other reason I am sharing my mistake is that I would like some feedback – just thoughts or suggestions???