We Need the Rain, Now More Than Ever!

There has been a drought lately here in Nashville.  So I looked up in amazement this morning when I thought I saw…RAIN!  Of course, I did a double take and, upon seeing that it was, in fact, raining, this avid gardener did a dance of joy!  Then I started thinking…

How Much We NEED the Rain…ActiveRain, that is…

1.  We are also in a Real Estate DROUGHT.  Realtors are hungry, spending loads of money on listings that ARE NOT SELLING.  It’s DRY out there, folks.  Realtors are jumping ship right and left.



2.  ActiveRain is a way to not Dry Us Out Further!!!  There is no charge – I could spend the whole day blogging on various RE and Localism topics and it won’t cost me a DIME!!!

3.  ActiveRain wants us to be Wet – They want us to DROWN, actually, with leads and business and successes that we can share with everyone else!

thunder storm

So I am putting on my ActiveRaincoat and Galoshes and going for it here in the ‘Rain!