We Heard the Bad News, Now Here’s the Good News for Nashville Home Buyers!

Last night, I watched the National Evening News and it seemed almost surreal as they were describing the three big companies falling apart.  The DOW dropped 504 points and they were talking about long term recovery issues.  STOCK MARKET CRASH!!!!

I could not help but think to myself that really this does not affect me very much.  I will still get up and go to work the next day and continue to do so probably until I am dead.  It won’t keep me from leaving some money in stocks and maybe even buying some now.  (Buy low, sell high).

But then I noticed as I was looking over one of my buyer’s good faith estimates that the rate given was 5.65%.   5.65%???

I did a double-take.  Could that be right?  Super Low Mortgage Rates while this other Crisis is going on?    

Sure enough, today we had a sales meeting at the office and a mortgage lender came in and confirmed that due to this big crash, there is an opportunity here for buyers and investors to get some really unbelievable rates on real estate. 

So, if you are in Davidson County’s Nashville and are looking to buy – get to it!  These rates are unbelievable and maybe, just maybe, the glass is still half full…