Want to Sell Your Own Home?

Have you been thinking about selling your house, but wonder if you can do it yourself?

It can be tricky to sell your own home without a realtor involved, but it is possible!

The first thing you need to do is step outside of your home and try to put yourself in the mindset of a potential buyer. In the highly sought after location of Glendale Park, many of the homes are older. Due to the age of most of the homes, buyers today like to see that the home has been updated. An open floor plan with a great kitchen and a knockout master bedroom and bathroom really sell a house!

Buyers also like to see a clean and simple look. If you are someone who loves knick knacks and pictures of family (like I do), you may want to go ahead and box up those items so as not to distract the buyer with clutter. You want your home to appear as large as possible and a lot of clutter makes a house look smaller.

Most of you are probably familiar with staging. This is where a staging company comes in and makes the best use of your furniture, art and wall decor to present the house in its best possible light. I have heard that for every dollar you spend on staging, you will make $3 in return!

The last thing to address is curb appeal. And it is crucial!!! It's the very first thing that buyers see about your house. If you can sell them on the exterior of your home, then you improve your chances on getting more people to come and view your house.

Pricing: Check out the local listings in the neighborhood. Have an appraisal done. Price your home competitively to entice the largest number of buyers. Be willing to give a commission to other realtors to bring as many buyers as possible. Try to put as many incentives on the sale of your home as possible. Offering to help with closing costs, offering a home warranty and putting a decorating allowance in the contract are all good ideas.

Advertising: If you can afford to, an MLS listing is a wonderful thing to do. Here is a link to the info: http://www.resultsmls.com/ . Also, craigslist is a great place to advertise as well!

Now let's say you have got a buyer and you have negotiated a price for your home. You need forms! The paperwork begins! Here is a link to find the forms: http://www.legalhomeforms.com/tennessee-contract.htm

The buyer will most likely want to have an inspection done. After this is completed, they may want to renegotiate certain aspects of your agreement. You must be open to these negotiations as they can make or break the sale of your house.

Once that is resolved, then it is on to the financing part. Hopefully you have done your homework on the front end and required a pre-approval letter from your buyer's lender. If not, then be pro-active and find out who the lender will be and call them. You will also need to secure a closing attorney at this point. There are many good ones in Nashville and I would be happy to refer you to several of them!

Know WELL in advance of the closing date what needs to be brought to the closing table and make sure you are prepared. Then, when the buyer's financing comes through, smile and know that YOU DID IT!!

But if you prefer to not have the hassle of all of this, then just give me a call instead!