Using Social Media To Sell Your Home

Using Social Media To Sell Your Home


Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin…..these are just some of the social networking sites that the world has fallen addicted to; whether it’s posting pictures of your new baby, tagging your friends at your favorite restaurant, sending out invites to a seminar, a fundraiser, or encouraging friends and associates to “like” a company or event, we have all grown accustomed to communicating on an entirely different yet dramatically easier way to stay in touch. There are over 1.1 billion Facebook users who after logging on spend an average of 20 minutes onsite per visit. That’s an astronomical measure of possibilities to penetrate viewers and peers. And with the integration of advertisements on Facebook, what better way to reach a potential buyer?

Although using social media can expose your home to a much broader audience, there is a strategy behind this broadcast. You can’t just start “tweeting” and “befriending” people indiscriminately. Getting accustomed to some of the popular virtual methods is crucial. Here are some ideas of how to get your house exposed via social media:


1. Post Photos & Details of Your Home On Facebook:    

 Announcing to friends and peers on FB that you are selling your house is an instant way to get the news out. While many friends may not be in the market to buy a house they will often share your listing to someone they know who is. That person can be someone in your area, or someone across the continent who’s being transferred to your town for work. None the less your listing can be passed from one FB page to another, leading your listing through an infinite current of cyber viewers.   

2 Befriend Realtors That You Know:  

Realtors will more than likely accept your request especially if you message them that you are selling your house. This opens the window to their list of Realtor contacts on FB & Linkedin, in addition to their clients and peers. This can vastly broaden the exposure of your listing simply based on the point of interest – REAL ESTATE. It also serves as a potention opportunity for them to find you a buyer!


3.  Launch A Website:     

Creating a free website is easier than you think. There are tons of websites that can help you build a site of your own. Here are a few of some of the more popular ones that are highly efficient and very user friendly. , , or you get your website up and running post it on FB and Twitter and invite all your contacts to like it. 


4. Create A Video Tour Of Your Home:     

Upload a video of both the interior and exterior of your home onto your website as well as on Youtube. You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional videographer for this. Your Smartphone can take video footage that will work just fine. 


5.   Create An Ad On Facebook:      

This can drive tons of traffic directly to the link of your website without needing to be friends with the viewer. Simply go to the right-side column on FB where advertisements are featured and click on the “create an ad” link located at the top right-hand corner. 


6.   Use The Celebrity Connection:    

For cities like Nashville which is cloaked with celebrities, star athletes, and national television exposure, it can work to your advantage to ride the coat tails of their popularity. Celebrities have more Twitter and FB followers than mostly anyone, therefore any connection you can generate with their stature can bring attention to your listing. For instance if your home is within the same neighborhood as Eric Church’s, then posting tweets with a link to your website saying ….”Live in the same neighborhood as Eric Church. This 4BD/3BA home just listed ” can definitely gain a lot of following. If you live near a boutique or restaurant owned by someone famous, or near an establishment that has been getting a lot of television exposure such as The Bluebird Café which is featured on the hit ABC television show “Nashville”, then generating a buzz about your home being in close proximity is yet another sure way to lure interested contacts.



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