Things To Consider Before Building On Your Lot

Things To Consider Before Building On Your Lot


Building a home can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life and an ultimate dream come true! There is immense pride knowing that you are building your very own custom home tailored just for you.  However, aside from the actual design of your home, you also need to be meticulous about the lot that you decide to build on as well as the location on the lot where your home should be built. So before you start drawing up architectural designs with your architect here are some things to consider when choosing that perfect property for your future home.


Visit The Potential Property In Person:    Although it may not always be possible, you should visit the property site of where your home will potentially be built. Some homeowners may find driving to the property an inconvenience, however, it is imperative to walk the property and take in as many vantage points as possible.  Observe all the different views from the property and try to imagine future neighbors and how your neighborhood will look like.


Bring An “Unbiased” Set Of Eyes:    While you might think that you and your architect/contractor may know all aspects and details of your property, it’s a good idea to bring another professional (e.g. civil engineer/design professional) to walk the property with you. Although you may fall in love with certain aesthetics of the property another professional may have visions or ideas that you don’t, or make valid points you may be overlooking.


Visit Your Local Building Department Office Ahead Of Time:   In most cities the land is governed by the local building department which keeps historical records. They also have current geographic and construction data that is going on in the area, including any future neighborhood building plans. Schedule an appointment to meet with an official so you can show them the property and the area in which you are considering to build your home and they will be able to offer you some insight that will be helpful to both you and your contractor.  


Consider The Availability Of Local Resources:     A lot of homeowners neglect to consider the local resources that are available when choosing a lot to build on. These resources include schools, churches, shopping centers, parks, hospitals, medical clinics, and other amenities that may or may not be conveniently located within a close radius of the property. The internet is the easiest way to find out what is and is not available in the area of where your potential lot is located.


Experience Your Potential Property During Different Times Of The Day/Seasons:    Climate and local characteristics of the site and the neighborhood can have a major impact on the desirability of the property when experienced at different times. Visit the property in the morning, mid-day, early evening and if at all possible during different seasons. A rustic home in the mountains may seem ideal in the summer but you may feel quite differently in the winter months when snow comes rolling in. 


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