The Schoolyard Playground of Real Estate

Are you a bully?


When it comes to negotiating with the “other Realtor” do you go over the top in trying to show who’s boss? 

Is it really necessary to act this way?

In my brief time in the business of Real Estate, I have run into some real pushy agents.  It’s as if they believe if they scream the loudest, then their client will get what they want.  And they hide behind the adage “I was just trying to get the best for my client”.  The unfortunate part is that I have seen some of these Realtors actually advance in their careers because of how poorly they treat other agents and their clients!

Shouldn’t we all be looking for a win-win situation?  Isn’t the ideal situation a SMOOTH transaction between buyer and seller? 

This Holiday Season, can we please put down the boxing gloves and work together to give our clients and the public the chance to say “Hey, my Realtor is really a good person!”