The Hermitage Hotel: Downtown Nashville’s Classic and Grand Hotel!

The Hermitage Hotel has long been a source of pride for Nashvillians and a hotel of choice for weary travelers!

But did you know that this Downtown Nashville “home away from home” has one of the coolest lounges in the city? 

Located at 231 6th Avenue North in Nashville’s 37219 zip code, the Hermitage Hotel is immediately recognizable with its huge columns, its grand entrance and its staff ready to assist you!

Upon entering this five star hotel, the grandeur strikes you with its marble floors and elegant furnishings…

But wait!  After you visit the lobby, come back towards the entrance and travel down the large wooden staircase, then turn to the right and you find yourself in a wood paneled lounge, just perfect for that after dinner drink, dessert and conversation!

The wood paneling, leather seats and sofas remind me of the interior of a country club!  And just around the corner from the lounge is the famous…


Yep, you read that right.  Who would have thought that this hotel would be the Cintas Corporation’s pick for “America’s Best Restroom”!?!?

And you can have a tour of it if you like!!!  No, really.  They will take you into their famous restroom if you just ask!  Here is a snapshot:

And some pretty extravagant lighting as well in the lounge:

So if you are out late after dinner in downtown Nashville, then stop on by this lounge and grab a drink or a dessert!

Downtown Nashville:  Get out and ENJOY IT!!!