The 2010 Nashville Flood Was Predicted and Predictable: Why Didn’t Nashville Get the Memo?

The 2010 Nashville Flood Was Predicted and Predictable:  Why Didn’t Nashville Get the Memo?

The 2010 Nashville Flood:  Should Nashvillians Have Known This Was Coming?

I watched the WSMV Channel 4 News tonight (Memorial Day 2010) and saw two segments that I found to be worth sharing with those who may not have seen them.

The first segment was on Metro/FEMA’s plan to redraw Nashville area flood maps.  The concern I found in this segment was that, while there are plans to redraw the flood maps for Nashville, there are no plans to let the effected homeowners know.  ???  So, basically, it will be up to each individual homeowner to do the research for themselves.  Watch the full story and be prepared to find out for yourself when the time comes!

The second segment centered around the fact that not only was the 2010 Nashville Flood predicted and predictable, there have been areas of town (namely Bellevue) which were developed after having been warned of possible Harpeth River floodingThe story as reported by WSMV.

I show and sell homes in Nashville’s Bellevue area and this is really disconcerting to me.  Whenever I have shown homes in the subdivisions of Riverwalk, Lexington Pointe or Boone Trace, I have wondered if the Harpeth River could potentially rise up to the homes. I have never been warned that any of Bellevue was prone to flooding other than the areas which were already known to be in a flood plain.  Haven’t even heard talk in realtor circles of any such thing (granted, I’ve only been selling for a little over 3 years).  So who dropped the ball on this one?  Why were developers given the go-ahead to expand Bellevue so extensively?  And what will be done about it now if we are to have future devastating floods in this area?

These questions need answers.  WSMV has given ideas as to how to research this information so you can be more knowledgeable on your own.  Maybe next time our Nashville homes will be protected from the waters.