Thank God for these Guys!

I had a crisis of epic proportions three days ago.  I somehow managed to lock myself out of my computer and couldn't figure out the password to let myself back in.  You can imagine all of the thoughts running through my head – when was the last time I backed up my computer?  how am I going to remember all of my appointments, all of my contacts, etc…

Thanks to the efforts of my boyfriend, who would NOT let me give up, and also to the experts at – well, 15 hours later, I have my computer back. 

Let me just tell you what these password pros did for me – I paid $39 and they sent me a download to get through the password setup.  Well, that didn't work due to a glitch in my computer and I thought “great, I just spent 40 bucks for nothin'”.  But those password people did not give up.  For the next TEN HOURS they continued to work on my problem and actually FIXED IT!!! 

Here is the deal – what other computer company do you know that would work THAT HARD for someone they didn't even know who only paid them $39 – they did not give up until they solved my problem.


KUDOS Password Pros – You are on top in my book!!!  Thank you so much!