So I Switched Real Estate Brokerages… Let Me Explain

A couple of months ago, I got the word.  Prudential Woodmont Realty was going to be “consolidating” offices.  We had four, and we were going down to one.  The selected office of choice was going to be in Brentwood.

Now, I was a part of the Green Hills office.  And absolutely loved it there.  Loved the people, the owners, everything. And I really do MISS everybody!!!

But the Real Estate Market in Nashville and Middle Tennessee has been slow.  There is not a lot of argument about that.  It has, of course, been slow nation-wide.  The good side of it is that Nashville has not been hit as hard as some other markets, but we are not without scars.

I tried moving my stuff to Brentwood for a bit.  But honestly, Green Hills is just my “home”.  I grew up in Green Hills – my world has pretty much revolved around Green Hills for a long time.  Don’t get me wrong… there are other parts of Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin that I also find wonderful.  You can buy a great house in other places around our environs that you won’t be able to afford in Green Hills (just ask me, I live in a tiny ranch house in Green Hills and am green with envy when showing houses much nicer than mine that cost WAY less). 

But, in the long run, this creature of habit wanted to be in an office in Green Hills.  So I interviewed different brokerages and settled on The Lipman Group / Sotheby’s International Realty.   I really like the office – it is very clean and contemporary looking.  The other agents are friendly and I really like Larry Lipman the broker. 

Also, I really liked the Sotheby’s principals of real estate.  Let me share them with you!


  • Do the Right Things/Do Things Right —————————-Professionalism in Real Estate
  • Agree to Commit/Commit to the Agreement———————Dedication in Real Estate
  • Respect All Viewpoints/Trust the Team—————————Loyalty to Company and Customers in Real Estate
  • Educate Yourself Continually/Be the Best You Can Be———-Knowledge is Professionalism in Real Estate
  • Savor the Journey————————————————–Have Fun in Real Estate

Isn’t that nice?  When I read this, I thought “Now HERE is something I can BELIEVE in!!!”  Plus Sotheby’s also has great taste in art!!!

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know the WHY behind the move – hope you are all having a great New Year so far – let’s work hard and make 2009 a great year!

For information on listings in the Middle Tennessee area, please contact Emily Lowe at 615.509.1753!