Selling Your Nashville Home? The Pros & Cons of Open Houses

If you have made the giant leap to sell your Nashville home than you’ve likely began the process of staging, eradicating no longer wanted items and furniture, doing some surface upgrades, and giving your home a thorough cleaning. At some point you’re probably going to ponder whether or not you should have open houses to increase exposure and lure in potential buyers. While some Realtors who may never have landed a sale from open houses may influence you to think they are a waste of time, other Realtors  may not concur who have had great success wheeling in the perfect buyer during open houses. Here is a list of things to consider before you decide to open your doors to the public or not:




Soccer Mom Syndrome – Having to always keep your home show-ready for frequent and sometimes last minute showings can be hard work and rather inconvenient. Especially for “soccer moms” who have children and pets, tug-of-war schedules and who work fulltime. Scheduling open houses ahead of time alleviates the constant need to keep things in tip-top shape on a moment’s notice and allows you time to prepare.



No Pressure, No Pressure – Open houses allow potential buyers a less intimidating way to view your home. Without an agent hovering around it lessens the pressure and possibly gives potential buyers a chance to really feel out your home and decide whether or not they can envision themselves living there.


Unexpected Interest – You might attract buyers who may not be actively looking at the time or do not have an agent who can arrange an appointment for a showing. A lot of times buyers who are casually exploring through neighborhoods end up falling in love with a home after visiting it via an open house.


Helpful Feedback – Your agent can get a strong idea of the amount of interest there is in you home by how manyt visitors your home receives during the open house. It is also a great opportunity for your agent to get some helpful feedback and opinions from visitors which can help you make adjustments to get your home sold. A lot of potential buyers may also have visited other open houses in your area and can volunteer information to your agent about your competition, which can help position you better market-wise.



Potential Threats
– Having total strangers perusing through your home unsupervised can not only feel invasive but it also opens the door to potential thieves casing your home. It is always wise to lock away valuables or remove them from the home completely. Unfortunately there are thieves who intentionally visit open houses to see exactly what kind of electronics and valuables are in the home with intent of returning to the property when no one is home and break in.


Possible Damage – Allowing people into your home (whether they’re strangers or friends) always posts the possibility of your property getting damaged. Visitors can get a little too friendly with your belongings. Damage can be something minor such as dirt or mud stains on the floors or carpet. Or it can be a little more serious such as precious vases or artwork getting dropped and broken. (Another example of why valuables should be stored away.)


“Lookie Lous” – A lot of people are apprehensive about open houses attracting casual shoppers who are not truly serious about buying and neighbors who are just being nosey. This of course is always a possibility but the bottom line is that the more eyes you have on your house the more buzz will be created about it.


Having To Vacate – Family and pets should never be present during an open house and this can especially pose as an inconvenience for families with small children.  Unless you have somewhere else to go or an activity planned it can be a nuisance to have to be away for an extended period of time, especially with pets. 


Thing of The Past – Some agents contest that the implementation of “virtual tours” has reduced the demand for open houses. Virtual tours offer a quick and convenient way for buyers to view your home, especially for those who are not in your area or in another state. However, most people would agree that a home can’t truly be experienced by just photos or videos alone and don’t do the home justice. Serious buyers will want to visit the property in person to get the true feel of the home. 




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