Selling Your Luxury Home in the Greater Nashville Area? What to Expect

Selling Your Luxury Home in the Greater Nashville Area?  What to Expect

Luxury Home Absorption Rates are Important when Selling

If you currently have your luxury home on the market in the greater Nashville area, then you know all too well how frustrating that can be.  The inventory is high right now, so you need to be prepared for a wait. 

How long of a wait?  Well, that all depends on the absorption rate for your particular price range.  This can be viewed here: 

This data is all from 1/10/2011, so it’s very current.  If you are in the $1M-$1.9M range, you have the advantage here – only 8.5 months of inventory out there. 

And be prepared for buyers to expect everything in tip-top condition.  Buyers are being very aggressive now.  They have all of the data as well and are expecting the world.  You need to be prepared for that when the offer does come in. 

Luxury real estate in the greater Nashville area is a serious business – do your homework, have your luxury home in top condition and don’t turn down any showings!