Rosario’s Mexican Restaurant is Serving Up Some Great Dishes in Nashville’s Edgehill Village!

I had the opportunity to try out a new restaurant with a friend yesterday for lunch.  We picked Rosario’s Mexican Restaurant in Nashville, TN’s Edgehill Village.  This new Edgehill Village is very close to Music Row, Hillsboro Village and Belmont University.  It was REALLY good!

First of all, I love Mexican food.  And I had been wanting to try this place.  We picked a table outside and looked over the menu.  When the Server asked what we wanted, I asked for a recommendation.  He immediately said fish tacos.  I asked for a second recommendation as that is not really my preference.  He then suggested these mole enchiladas with chilis and chocolate sauce on top. 

WHAT?!?!  Chocolate chili sauce on top?  I HAD to try that – such a strange combination, but the Server said that it was a very traditional Mexican kind of dish.  Now, there is NO WAY that I will EVER know whether or not it is truly a Mexican dish, but it was DELICIOUS!!!  It came with three chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice and refried beans, with a pico de gallo and some other kind of green chile garnish. 

I will DEFINITELY be going back to Rosario’s again!