Realtors, Should There Be a Dress Code?

The issue is Dress.  Should we as Real Estate Agents try to have an established dress code?

My personal thought on this is that one should NEVER judge another person based on what they wear. 

Who is to say that the person wearing a business suit has any more intelligence, knowledge or character than the one dressed in the blue jeans?

Currently, I differentiate what I wear according to my client.  If they are the most comfortable in their business suit, then I wear a business suit.  If they are more the blue jeans and t-shirt type, then I think “yippee!” and put my blue jeans on!

As a Real Estate Agent, I am a chameleon.  I am all things to all people.  It seems to be a necessity to be this way. 


I am THE MOST COMFORTABLE in any comfy shirt, my favorite pair of blue jeans, some hip sneakers and big dangly earrings.  And I graduated with honors from college.  I have successfully run my own business for over 12 years now.  And it all has had NOTHING to do with what I wear. 

Any thoughts out there?