Real Estate Lingo Decoded: The Win-Win Situation in a Realtor’s Eyes

Real Estate Lingo Decoded:  The Win-Win Situation in a Realtor’s Eyes

You may be thinking that you know what a win-win situation is in real estate.  This is where a buyer and a seller agree on the terms of a property sale and everybody is happy when it closes.  And you are right.  That IS an example of a win-win situation.

But in a Realtor’s eyes, there are many situations that would qualify as a win-win situation.

For example, I had a buyer who told me after the closing on her home that she felt sorry for the seller.  When I asked why, she said she knew the sellers did not make any money on the transaction and even had to bring some money to the table to sell their home.  It didn’t feel like a “win-win” situation to her. 

Now, from my perspective, it was a smooth transaction with no glitches throughout the entirety of the process.  Success!  The sellers wanted and agreed to sell their house to my buyer, who is thrilled with her purchase and the price she was able to get it for (win!).  Yes, there was some money that had to be brought to the table by the sellers, but they chose to do that because they wanted to sell their house.  That is a win for them as well.