Rainy Real Estate Day in Nashville’s Green Hills

I am sitting at my desk feeling a little blue – is it the weather today?  Was I just getting too used to blue skies and warm weather?  What am I expecting, Southern California? 

Actually, a big part of me is glad for the cooler weather.  And happy for the rain as well – my garden is definitely looking better!  And Tennessee is a much prettier place for all the rain we normally get.

So… Topic Today:  I noticed today that a house that has been on the market for – I know – over a year and a half in the Oak Hill / Green Hills area in Nashville has STILL not sold.  Now granted, the house needs updating, but for a house to be on the market that long – well, what gives?

It's in a wonderful exclusive subdivision right off of Tyne Boulevard and has a well designed floor plan with a flair for the dramatic…

But I think today's Oak Hill – Green Hills – Belle Meade – buyer at the million dollar mark really wants the house to be fully updated – to be able to move right on in, maybe add their own paint colors and furniture, but not miss a beat otherwise. 

And why not?  I know that is my preference when it comes to buying a house – the less that I have to do, the better! 

I bought my Oak Hill home last year and one of the biggest selling points was that I would only have to come in, change out the flooring in a couple of rooms, add my lighting, furniture and curtains and… VOILA!… the house looks is mine!

We all know that a house is never TRULY finished – there will always be things that can be done to improve a home, but this house I keep seeing – well, I think it has just been consistently overpriced by sellers who own it free and clear and can afford to wait as long as they want to get the price they want.  More power to them.

For those of us who live in a world where a mortgage is a common thing, the best idea to get your house sold is to update as much as is reasonable, and market, market, market the property right.


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