Only a Partial Move to Socialism in the U.S. of A.

I heard a great comment on the Government Bailout last night on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.  Robert Reich said that what the Government has basically done is privatize profits and socialize debts.  I have really been thinking a lot about the truth of that statement. 

We are only moving towards socialism in “government approved” ways.  And it seems to be for the benefit of the wealthy and greedy, rather than for the benefit of (as everyone is calling us now) “Main Street”.  I am doing everything in my power to get myself to a better part of Nashville’s “Main Street”, but as all of us know, it’s a slow and tedious process, with many unexpected curves and potholes. 

So, great American Government, let me know when my bailout is coming… and let us all know when the people who can’t sell their houses and those others who have lost their homes get their bailout as well.

Robert Reich’s Interview with Jon Stewart