Oak Hill to Provide Recycling Pick-Up

Oak Hill to Provide Recycling Pick-Up

Oak Hill to Offer Recycling Pick-Up!

It has finally happened!  Oak Hill has partnered with Earth Savers to pick up trash and recycling.

Having moved from Green Hills to Oak Hill, I was shocked to learn that there was no option for recycling in Oak Hill.  In Green Hills, Metro had provided as many containers as someone wanted in order to be able to recycle.  They would not recycle glass, but everything else was a go.

For the past four years since I moved into Oak Hill, I have been hauling my recycling (which is a substantial amount as I barely throw anything into the garbage can) over to the area next to Hillsboro High School.  It has been a chore, but one that I have done faithfully since I believe in the benefits of recycling. 

I am thrilled to know that Oak Hill will not only provide the recycling free of charge to Oak Hill residents (I know that Earth Savers charges the residents of Berry Hill $35/month for the same service), but they will also collect glass recyclables AND will come to your back door to do so! 

As I understand it, this change will take place March 1, 2011, with Earth Savers bringing you a 32-gallon trash can to collect the recycling and continuing to pick up the trash and the recycling twice each week on the same day that you are used to.

Way to go Oak Hill Commissioners for making this a priority!