Nashville’s Sweet Tooth Can Be Satisfied at the Green Hills Maggie Moo’s

Does anyone out there NOT know about Maggie Moo’s? 

When I was in college in Louisiana, we had this place called the Marble Slab – it was the first that I remember of these kinds of ice cream stores.  I was a poor college student, so a venture to the Marble Slab was quite a treat!

Anyway, fast forward back to this century (hehehe).  And right here in the Green Hills area of Nashville, TN, we have Maggie Moo’s!  (There are also other locations around Middle Tennessee as well).  They also use a large slab of marble to mix toppings into various flavors of their super yummy ice cream. 

Last night the bf was having a sweet tooth alert and so we went over to the Moo’s and were the last in before they shut the door.  I had Udderly Cream with strawberries and he had Udderly Cream with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  On waffle cones, of course. 

If you have never tried Maggie Moo’s, you MUST get over there ASAP!

Sorry for the dark pic, but it was late and I’m not a photographer 🙂