Nashville’s 12th South Market Report October – December 2016

Nashville’s 12th South Market Report October – December 2016

Nashville's 12th South Market Report October - December 2016

Nashville’s 12th South Market Report October – December 2016

AddressAcresBRBathsYear BuiltSq FtList PriceSP/SFSales PriceDOM
904 Noelton Ave0.393219581388$425,000$277.38$385,00075
920 Waldkirch Ave0.18211935960$429,900$442.71$425,00041
1029 Wedgewood Ave4320162170$459,000$450,000$207.37140
1023 Wedgewood Ave4320162170$479,000$454,625$209.5031
915 S Douglas Ave0.143219152476$539,000$541,000$218.5049
2427 Elliott Ave0.0332.520162696$569,000$560,000$207.7245
2423 Elliott Ave0.0332.520162696$579,000$565,000$209.57174
1520 B Kirkwood Ave0.0332.520162300$589,000$591,500$257.17196
1520 A Kirkwood Ave0.0333.520162421$609,000$599,000$247.42196
929 A S Douglas Ave0.214320162343$610,000$610,000$260.35129
929 B S Douglas Ave0.214320162343$610,000$609,800$260.2690
1306 Ashwood Ave0.1732.519502696$649,000$639,000$237.0262
1106 Lawrence Ave0.1753.519452712$650,000$635,000$234.14108
2015 Sweetbriar Ave0.194319402800$698,999$680,000$242.8626
2420 A Vaulx Ln0.2143.520142825$749,900$745,000$263.7242
2218 A 11th Ave South0.0343.520162755$749,900$740,000$268.6066
2218 B 11th Ave South0.0343.520162969$749,900$740,000$249.240
2909 Vaulx Ln0.24420162972$794,900$750,000$252.3637
1012 Kirkwood Ave0.333.520162848$799,000$809,900$284.3878
905 Noelton Ave0.2343.520163147$815,000$815,000$258.9896
2607 Vaulx Ln0.254320122806$840,000$815,000$290.4570
930 A Gale Lane0.2143.520163035$845,000$842,000$277.4358
930 B Gale Lane0.2143.520163035$845,000$845,000$278.4285
1113 Halcyon Ave0.174420163154$1,015,000$1,027,545$325.79252
927 A Kirkwood Ave0.2543.520164064$1,099,000$1,025,000$252.21193
1320 Sweetbriar Ave0.2243.520123426$1,275,000$1,200,000$350.2654
1807 Beechwood Ave0.245619254841$1,350,000$1,325,000$273.7055

And a very healthy number of closings occurred in Nashville’s 12th South from October – December 2016!

I personally love seeing that a 1925 home on Beechwood Avenue garnered the highest price at $1,325,000.  I suppose that one may or may not actually be considered 12th South, depending on who you’re talking to, but I left it in there for kicks.  Well, I suppose, not only for kicks, but also because I have an historic property coming up for sale in the Vanderbilt area soon.  Built in 1910 with 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 4200 square feet… Let me know if you’d like more info!

Also, for a complete 2016 Market Report of Nashville’s 12th South area, please feel free to request that information from me: or call/text 615.509.1753


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