Nashville Restaurant Goers, Have you Tried Sportsman’s Lodge Just Down from Hillsboro Village?

Near the corner of Wedgewood/Blakemore Aves and 21st Ave is one of Nashville’s finest establishments:  Sportsman’s Lodge.  Now granted, you have to be wanting food that is, um, “not so good for you”, shall we say – or at least that’s what the best food at Sportman’s Grille is. 

Just down the street from Hillsboro Village is fantastic corn bread, red beans and rice, catfish dinners, handcut french fries, yummy juicy big burgers and a lodge-like environment.


The lodge-like environment makes you wish you were sitting down to a meal after a long day of hiking and fishing (or just being outdoors in general).

The tea is sweet and the beer is cold. 

The two pictures below, though dark, show some of the ambiance and the outdoor patio as well.

With a salad, burger, fries, sweet tea and some corn bread you are going to get out of there for about $20 and it goes up from there. 

Sportsman’s Lodge is a Nashville Classic and you should definitely go when you are ready for some outstanding Southern comfort food!!!

Location is 1601 21st Ave. South – Nashville, TN – 37212