Nashville Real Estate Market – Should a Seller Get an Inspection Done?

Here in the Nashville Real Estate Market, a seller is generally not responsible for having an inspection done.

The question is… Should a Seller get a Pre-Emptive Inspection Done? 

After reading this suggestion on the Lowe's Realtor Benefits Page today, I was thinking a lot about whether or not this should be done or if this is going too far?

When Listing a Home in Nashville, Tennessee, the typical steps are to disclose all of the information known about the house, get the home and yard cleaned up, maybe the home gets staged and then market, market, market.  Have an open house.  Bring the buyers in.  Follow up on the showings.  All of the tradition stuff.  Then, if it is priced right, work out any offers brought in.

But what if the Seller orders an inspection the day after listing and finds out any problems contained in the house and then fixes or repairs them, offers an allowance to compensate, or alters the listing price of the house?

I wonder if this would fly in Nashville?

And then, the question that is probably on everybody's mind… who pays for it?!?

I can just see that conversation right now! LOL!  My thought is that the seller pays for it up front and then on the closing side, the realtor can soak up half of the cost.  In Nashville, an inspection only runs about $300.

So, what do you think about this?  Any thoughts, any ideas?  Is it a good technique to use to get a home priced right and sold quickly?