Nashville Just Declared to Be in the Top 10 Cheapest Cities to Own a Home!

That’s right.  Nashville, TN has been hailed as one of the top 10 cheapest cities to own a home in!

I saw this report on the website – apparently this report was researched by Forbes and they got their information from the 2008 Census Survey.

My boyfriend has been telling me for a long time now how cheap it is to live in Nashville.  He has lived all over – New York City, San Diego, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and now Nashville.  The reason he has STAYED in Nashville is because it is a great little city that is VERY AFFORDABLE.  He even bought his first house here!

Now for me, I have always lived in Davidson County, so I guess my view of pricing is a bit “skewed” when it comes to comparing our prices to the rest of the country.

But in these times of economic hardship, government bailouts and crazy election politics, I’m glad to be living in Nashville where at least the pricing on housing is making sense.


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