My Wiener Dog Wants to Know…


This little wiener dog, Charisma by name, is the center of my universe.  She was my first canine out of college and has been with me for almost 12 years now.  She has been through a marriage (mine, not hers), a divorce (also mine), four different houses, and has out-lived her companion and cohort “Tadpole the Wiener Dog” by almost two years. 

(Tadpole pictured below – we miss you buddy!)

But since I joined ActiveRain, Charisma has a new complaint:  I am NEVER home because I am so busy with WORK!!!

ActiveRain and a lot of hard work has really kicked my business up into high gear!  I taught two classes today on blogging – the “students” did great! – and I am speaking to a group of agents next week at a luncheon – not to mention I keep getting calls on my blog – NEW CLIENTS!!!

So life in the ‘rain is great, but I do owe my lonely little dachshund an apology for having to be alone so much!

Love you Charisma – you are still the Queen in my heart!