My Top 10 List of the Most Positive Predictions for 2010!

My Top 10 List of the Most Positive Predictions for 2010!



I wanted to win some chocolate and macadamia nut treats from Sally Cheeseman, so I am officially entering her contest right now!

I consider myself neither a pessimist nor an optimist. I believe in a positive attitude and a realistic point of view. When challenging myself to think positively on these predictions, I knew that my reader would have to take it with a complicated grain of salt. In the hopes of being positive, I’m going to attempt this list Letterman-style:

10. Active Rain will feature 10 or more of my blog posts! Okay, this one is kind of selfish – but also very positive thinking on my part!

9. Certain Foreclosure and Short Sale Agents will Return Calls and Emails. See, now you KNOW I’m thinking positive!

8. I will close more transactions than my projected business plan states! We are talking closings GALORE!

7. The Move-Up Tax Credit will Kick Start the Mid-Level Market. God knows it needs a kick start, even if by a federal government gimmick plan.

6. People will start to realize that their home is an investment, not an ATM. Education will be on the rise about how to create wealth with a home purchase versus the current ATM attitude!

5. The banks will become more reasonable with their time responses on short sales. You all must be thinking I’m nuts at this point.

4. I will have triple the amount of friends and followers on my social media networks! And get to know a lot of them as well!

3. My database will grow by at least 200% and they will all be people who are qualified and want to use my services! Now wouldn’t that be lovely???! : )

2. I will not have to tell friends, clients and customers that they are upside down on their mortgage. Nothing is as difficult as watching others soak in this devastating realization.

And, last but not least (drumroll please):

1. Home owners will see the value in carefully selecting a real estate agent who is sharp, knows the market and has their best interest in mind AND that agent will realize the long term reaching effects of that relationship!

IT COULD ALL HAPPEN! SO GET READY FOR A GREAT 2010!!!What are Your Predictions?