Moving To Nashville?

Are you moving to Nashville? 

As a Nashville Native, I can personally tell you that Nashville is a GREAT place to live!  We have some of the most interesting and diverse people!  From Country Music Wannabes (and the actual musicians who have made it!) to Baptist Church Headquarters to the Vanderbilt Educational/Training Hospital, Nashville is a very eclectic community of over one million people from all walks of life!

Located in the heart of Middle Tennessee, Nashville is only three hours from the Great Smoky Mountains (which gives us our beautiful rolling hills) to the east and three hours from Blues Driven Memphis to the west.  And yes, Elvis IS alive.  😉

Nashville also has the benefit of having very reasonably priced real estate.  From the eclectic East Side to the Upscale Belle Meade, Nashville offers a variety of housing in every price range!

And just look at Nashville's recent rankings: 

September 2007 – Nashville ranked in Top 10 Cities for Business in the U.S. by Market Watch

September 2007 – Nashville ranked Number 16 in the U.S. for sports towns by Sporting News

August 2007 – Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro MSA ranks No. 4 nationally for economic  
            strength based on long-term tendency to grow in size and quality by POLICOM

August 2007 – Nashville ranks among the top five friendliest cities in America by Travel and Leisure

July 2007 – When it comes to suitable cities for relocating families, Nashville 
            ranks as the No. 2 best large market city based factors 
            such as home prices, appreciation rates and property taxes by Primacy Relocation

June 2007 – Nashville ranks No. 8 nationally for per-capita income growth. Per-capita 
            income was determined by salaries, dividends, interest payments, rental 
         income and government checks, including Social Security by BizJournal

May 2007 – Nashville ranks No. 8 nationally based on the percentage of MBA 
            candidates who voted where they would most like to work by Fortune

April 2007 – Nashville ranks No. 9 nationally based on job and income growth, 
            business and living costs, education of the workforce, migration trends, 
            and quality-of-life issues such as crime rates and cultural opportunities by Forbes


DO I NEED TO GO ON????  Because I COULD!

So if you are considering a move, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 

And if you need housing, call the Nashville Native Second-Generation Realtor who is Proud to call Nashville her home:  Emily Lowe 615.509.1753

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