Miss Manners is Sizing Up the Competition!

We have many discussions here on ActiveRain about how to treat our clients and other Realtors and recently I have been thinking about a particular topic that provides some confusion to me. 

The issue here is previewing homes before listing a home in a particular neighborhood.  You know, to “check out” the competition.  But really, how nice of a move is this?

The issue came up because I know I will be getting a listing in a particular neighborhood, so I was checking out what else was on the market.  And I was thinking, hmmm, to price it correctly I want to go over and look at the other houses. 

It just so happens that the house which is the MOST SIMILAR in size and layout has a seller who recently had a baby and needs a couple of hours of notice before her house could be shown.  I started thinking that if I were that seller with my new baby, I would be UPSET if I knew that a realtor was going to be previewing my house for the specific purpose of “sizing up the competition.”  I did not call to go see that sellers house as a result. 

What do you all think?  Is it rude to preview houses to size up the competition? 




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