May 2009 Home Sales in the Greater Nashville Area: Still No Good News

In the news, everyone has been talking about how the Obama administration is doing.  Have things been changing?  Are we feeling more hopeful?  Are we turning the economic crisis around?

If the May 2009 Homes Sales in the Greater Nashville Area are any indication, then the short and not-so-nice answer is NO.

In home sales, we are down 28.9% from this time last year (May 2008) and down in overall closings for the year by 31.2%. 

To view a copy of this report which was sent out by the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors today, then click here.

On a more positive note, I am glad to see that there were 2000 PENDING sales at the end of May 2009. 

It seems on a whole that everyone is feeling more positive and hopeful in general, but SO MANY PEOPLE have been hit hard by this recession that morale is going to be pessimistic at best for a while.  I know that I personally want to wait and see that an upward trend is STRONGLY on the move before I decide to spend extra money frivolously.  And when I talk to my friends and loved ones, this seems to be their attitude as well!