Looking for Indian / Pakistani Food in Nashville’s Green Hills?

It is an ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE to write this blog on Shalimar!!!

Shalimar is an Indian Restaurant in the Green Hills area of Nashville, Tennessee.  I have been eating at Shalimar for well over ten years and am totally in love with the place!

One of my Indian friends swears that it is actually more of a northern Indian / Pakistan type of food place – me, I wouldn’t know the difference!  All I know is that they regularly serve up some of the yummiest ethnic food in Nashville!

My favorites include, and I usually get, chicken masala or chicken tikka masale, which is chicken in either a regular or tomato cream based sauce, spiced as you like it.  Also, definitely try a mango lassi (yogurt type drink). 

For $12.99 at lunch you can have a cucumber and tomato salad with a delicious yogurt topping, plus an entree, nan bread and a drink!

Please, please, PUH-LEASE get yourself over to Shalimar located at 3711 Hillsboro Road in Green Hills, just next to Krystals and across from Starbucks / Kinkos if you have never been!!!

This is the back of the building – it was raining the day I took this, so I didn’t venture out to the Hillsboro Road side of the restaurant.

Shalimar’s Website with Delivery Menu

For more rave reviews on this restaurant, call Emily Lowe at 615.509.1753