Keeping Nashville Covered – Antiques & Textiles and Your Home Insurance

Keeping Nashville Covered – Antiques & Textiles and Your Home Insurance

Whether you just bought an amazing home in Brentwood or have lived for years in a Belle Meade dream house or are still searching for that perfect spot along Tyne Blvd, your furnishings are what turn a structure into a home.  And if your home is appointed with antiques and textiles, you may not be as adequately insured as you think.

Post 4 – Antiques and Textiles

Do you have an incredible desk that has survived in your family and been passed down for 150 years?  Have you decorated your home with the help of a designer with a great eye for finds from places like Antique Archaeology and Antiques At The Factory?  Do you have an Oriental rug that is more than 80 years old?  Keep in mind that whether your furnishings are new-to-you or generational, some antique pieces will need to be individually covered for insurance purposes.  While homeowner’s insurance does cover the contents of your home in case of damage, theft, or fire, limits may apply.  Oftentimes, expensive antiques like furniture, rugs, or Tiffany lamps should be insured on a per piece basis to adequately replace them.

The last thing you want to discover in the event of an insurance loss is that furniture is covered, but has limits on antiques.  The time, energy, and money you have invested in acquiring your antiques should be adequately protected in the event of a loss.  In order to protect your investments, get your high-value items appraised.  Take high-quality, digital photos from several angles.  Review your collection on an annual basis, especially if you have expanded and added new pieces.  Keep the records (appraisals, photos, written descriptions) protected and accessible, such as in a safe deposit box, or a portable, fire-proof box, as well as filed with your insurance company.

Having a floater or rider on your insurance policy to protect your antiques and textiles is critical to making you as whole as possible again after a loss. Contact your insurance agent to discuss getting adequate coverage for your antiques and textiles. Contact Emily to help find your dream home in which to live with your amazing collections.


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