I’ve Been Meme’d!!!

Thanks to the lovely Vanessa Stalets, I have been meme’d!

So here we go:

5 Things You May not have known about Me:

1.  I am a Nashville native.  Most people in Nashville are NOT natives, we have a lot of imports, so a native is a pretty rare thing.  AND I DON’T LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC!!!

By the way I saw this guy the other day and I laughed out loud, had to pull him over and take a pic…You’re SOOOOOO Nashville if…

2.  I have a degree in Classical Piano Performance from Centenary College of Louisiana.  That’s right, classical music!  I LOVE TO PERFORM!!!  I do love to write music as well.

3.  Real estate is in my blood.  My Dad’s a Realtor in Nashville as well and has been for 35+ years.

4. I LOVE TO GARDEN!!!  Have a look at what has been blooming in my garden:


5.  My favorite thing to do is go out with friends and just re-connect!

Overall, I love living in Nashville, I love my friends and family and I love living life to the fullest!

Now who should I MeMe????>>>>