It’s the Climb: My Journey to 100,000 Points

It’s the Climb:  My Journey to 100,000 Points

When I first heard the Miley Cyrus song “It’s the Climb“, I immediately had two thoughts.  My first thought was “There is NO WAY Miley Cyrus wrote that song!”  My second thought was “Those are really good lyrics”.

The song basically states that as we go through our lives and set goals for ourselves, our journey to achieving those goals will invariably contain many experiences.  And it is those experiences that make reaching the goal worthwhile. 

It's the Climb!When I first set up an account on AR, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I was in my first six months of real estate, and had lots of time on my hands.  I had heard about blogging and had always wanted to try it, but never had a reason to.

With my income on the line, I quickly “got my blog on” and started reading the blogs of the other ActiveRainers.  I read and studied the blogs of the AR “gurus” religiously every day. 

I entered AR contests and followed the instructions of the other bloggers.  Even won a FlipCam in one of the contests!

After I spent a year on ActiveRain, I looked back and started tracking some of my progress.  The first part of the year had been painfully slow (business-wise) but after about six months spent on ActiveRain I was starting to see results! 

The other agents in my office were starting to ask me how I was doing so well.  ME, A NEWBIE in RE!!!!  I started preaching the gospel of AR and was quickly asked to share.  I accepted and started teaching some blog classes to other agents, both inside and outside of our office.  I could barely go to the office to get any work done because other agents were constantly seeking me out to ask questions.  One agent hired me especially to work with her and show her the ins and outs of the online experience.  She has since surpassed me in points and I am so proud of her!

I switched companies in December of 2008 with much fear and trepidation, wondering if I would be able to sustain my income in a different office where I was much more of an underling.  AR provided me a foundation of faith to believe that I could maintain my business with my online presence.  And AR has come through once again!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I did go through a period of difficulty with AR, where I wasn’t inspired to blog.  But, I have come to discover, it IS about the CLIMB and that brings us to our desired outcome.  I have a lot of faith in this social network to keep me on the right path.  When I reach out for help, YOU ALL REACH BACK.  For that I am grateful.  THANK YOU.