Is Wall Street our Drug Addicted Child? My Thoughts on Government Bailout!

I find myself feeling very frustrated with this government bailout that is being proposed. 

My parents raised me to believe that hard work and good character were the two most important aspects of business.  I try REALLY hard to implement both of those qualities.

Then I see that our government wants to reward greedy people who knew what they were doing when they set up these companies to fail.  They would be rewarded in the form of a bailout. 

I have a real problem with this.  These companies should not be bailed out.  In my opinion, a government bailout would NOT be supportive of traditional American values.     United States Flag

It is rather like the drug-addicted child who comes back to their parents for money to help them out – either to get their fix or to pay off their drug dealer.  The addicted person whines and complains, telling the parent that they MUST have the money or very bad things will happen – they will be killed by their drug dealer, they will become very sick if they don’t have their fix, etc.  The parent feels bad for the child and hands over the money.  Then the child goes off and this horrible cycle is repeated.

Is there anyone out there who cannot grasp the concept of the INTERVENTION!?!?  This is where the parent says “NO!” to their gut instinct to help and instead realizes that tough love is the true answer.  Until the drug-addicted child reaches their true “bottom”, there is no way for them to get better.

Stop Sign

Now…as a Realtor, I know the consequences are going to be awful.  There will a stop or at best a pinch on credit.  People will not be able to buy houses as easily.  This will affect me greatly with fewer closings and therefore less money in my pocket.

Regardless, as a country, as a nation with hard-working quality people, we MUST PERFORM THIS INTERVENTION ON WALL STREET AND ON THE CROOKS WHO ARE ADDICTED TO THEIR GREED!

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