In the Nashville, TN Real Estate Market, Good Home Photography Sells! Part 2…

In the Nashville, TN Real Estate Market, Good Home Photography Sells!  Part 2… 

Interior Photography Matters when Selling Your Nashville Home!

When putting your house on the market, you want the maximum number of potential Buyers to choose to view your home.  The more warm bodies in the house, the greater chance you have of selling and getting the highest price possible!  In the Nashville, TN real estate market, good home photography sells!

The big question is:  HOW DO I ACHIEVE THAT?

Most people are able to answer that question correctly:  put my house online to attract Buyers.  That is correct.  BUT, to appeal to the largest percentage of potential Buyers in the Nashville, TN real estate market, good home photography sells it!

In the first blog on this topic, I addressed what to do to get the most out of an exterior photo shoot.

I’ll focus on the interior of the house in this post.

Take a moment and close your eyes.  When you think about a home you might like to own, what do you see in your mind’s eye as a desirable property?  Do you see an amazing kitchen?  Do you see a luxurious master bath?  Do you see a killer family room?  Got that vision?

My guess is that your vision doesn’t include the following:

  1. Tons of clutter everywhere, can’t even see the space
  2. Furniture and appliances from styles 20 years ago
  3. Dirty walls

Am I right?  Ok.  So.  Think about how Buyers in the Nashville, TN real estate market are going to need that type of presentation when looking at your home.  Good home photography sells and your home needs to be ready to photograph!

Let’s get started making your house the one that other Buyers want.

1. GET RID OF CLUTTER.  You must be willing to look at your house objectively.  Pretend you are the Buyer looking at a potential house.  What looks “too busy”?  Sort that out first.  There’s nothing like selling your home to aid in purging unnecessary items!  If you are the kind who has trouble parting with things, call a friend who you feel can help or call a professional organizer.  They will rev you up to dump the excess!  In this category, also go ahead and clear off counter tops in the kitchen and in bathrooms.  Re-organize the pantry and the closets.  LESS IS MORE.

Organize Your Pantries and Closets!

Another Organized Pantry












2. If you have older furniture, that’s ok.  Rent a POD (portable on demand) and call a professional home stager.  They are great at storing furniture which doesn’t accentuate your home’s features and they can bring in furniture and accessories that WILL.  You can keep the furniture you want and move it right to your new place from its’ storage place in the POD.

A Professionally Staged Home

3.  Touch up those walls with fresh paint and, if you have any super bright colors, let’s go neutral with those.  Neutral colors photograph well and will appeal to the largest crowd.  You want Buyers to focus on the features of the house, NOT the crazy wall color you personally just love.

Neutral Colors Photograph Well

4.  Clean, clean, clean.  And then clean some more.  Clean your house from top to bottom.  Clean under furniture, clean the light fixtures, clean the carpets, shampoo the couches and chairs, clean your children, clean pet beds, clean the pets- I mean EVERYTHING!  Think about it – it’s so much nicer to walk into a nice, clean smelling house than one whose odors you are afraid to recognize.

Please. Keep Your House Clean for Showings

5.  Look for potential vignette photo opportunities.  What’s a vignette?  It’s that place in your house where you love to curl up and read.  It’s that doorknob that you think is so neat looking next to that light fixture.  These are opportunities to showcase the things that made you fall in love with the house in the first place.

Vignettes are my favorites, so I will share a few with you that I have had a photographer take over the years:

French Door Detail and Chandelier Vignette






















When the photographer arrives, make sure you have ALL of the lights and fans on.  Open the blinds.  The more natural lighting the better!  Follow the photographer around and ask them to let you know if something needs to be moved or looks messy.  A good photographer will tell you what works best.

Showcase the Natural Light in Your Home









When reviewing the photos, scrutinize them.  Do some rooms not look their best?  What can you do to make it look better?  Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer to come back and re-shoot a room or two.  When you are satisfied with the final results of the photos, it’s time to get your house on the market!

In conclusion, with Buyers in the Nashville, TN real estate market, good home photography sells!  Get your home ready and let’s rock it!

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