I’m Pouting About the Bias of Foursquare!

I’m Pouting About the Bias of Foursquare!

Okay, so I feel like a child pouting about not getting what she wants right now, but I have to say my two cents on this issue!

I'm Pouting About the Bias of Foursquare!

Let me begin by saying that I REALLY enjoyed reading Clint’s featured post on Foursquare yesterday!  He is absolutely right on the money by saying that Foursquare is a great marketing opportunity!  I am using it and I would love to be your friend on Foursquare!

Foursquare does, however, present a problem for me as a single female.  Here is the comment I put on Clint’s blog post:

I’m on Foursquare, but I have a gripe about it.  As a SWF, I try to do everything safely.  Stating your whereabouts all the time and letting the world know that your house is vacant is NOT SAFE.  This “game” is clearly biased against females.  I know that you can check in “off the grid” but that’s no fun!!!  I only give 4square ONE UNENTHUSIASTIC THUMB UP.

 Here was Clint’s response (and he responded to more than one of us with this same complaint):

Tiffany — I can understand that concern. However, I would have to say that i think it is actually SAFER than people NOT knowing where you were. At least this way, there is a digital paper trail of your exploits. If something were to happen to you, there is evidence of where you were last save digitally on multiple locations online. Just dont get stupid about it and broadcast your house address. I dont think telling people you are getting coffee at Starbucks is going ot insight someone to do harm to you. That is a VERY public location to try something. And, if it helps you feel safer, only post updates from those public sites like coffee shops, shopping centers, etc…

Emily — See previous statement to Tiffany. Of course they know your house is vacant…but, it is only a problem if the know where you house is….so, dont ever let that information get out online. Ever.

I like Clint’s response to this, but I can’t help thinking that my home address is out there somewhere if someone really wants to find it.  I’d like to know what other people think about this situation – am I being overly concerned?  Or am I on target?   


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