I’m not participating in this recession

I saw this blog post and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!

We all have a choice… times are hard in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, cash flow is low, but we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, try a little harder and KEEP GOING – it’s the American WAY!!!!

Yep…. you heard it right.  I am refusing to buy into Detroit Michigan’s recession.  I am not going to doomed and gloomed by the media.  I can’t afford to be scared.  Me and my family are making a stand!!!  WE HAVE DECIDED NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS YEARS RECESSION

I’m not participating in this recession.  My family, friends, and co-workers are going to work hard.  We are going to stay afloat.  We are going to different things to make money.  We are going to work harder and smarter.  We are going to take the extra steps or steps to keep our jobs and help our employers stay in business.

I’m not participating in this recession.  We are going to have a positive attitude through out the turmoil.  We can do it.  What ever the mind of man can concieve, believe, it can achieve.  (Napolean Hill)  Think positive.

I’m not participating in this recession.  My friends that have lost jobs are re-doing their resumes, brushing up their interview skills, pulling out the suit.  They are going to find an better job than they had before.  It is going to pay well and they are going to like the job.

I’m not participating in this recession.  We are going to live within our means.  We are still going continue our lifestyle.  But we are going to scale back a little.  There is no reason to buy some of the junk we do.  We are going to make our life simpler because we don’t need as much material things to make us happy.

I’m not participating in this recession.  We are going to spend more time with family and friends.  More simple times….. picnics, cards, bunko, just get togethers.

I’m not participating in this recession.  Now that we are not buying all that junk we will have the money to buy the necessities and the big items we need.  We are going to buy American made products whenever possible.  WE ARE GOING TO SUPPORT OUR FELLOW AMERICAN WORKERS.  JUST LIKE WE SUPPORT OUR MILITARY. 

We are going to show them.  We are confident that we will work our way out of this.  We will continue to spend and buy things we need.  We will keep the economy going.  We will stay positive.  We will keep saying our positive affirmations. 

How about you?  Are you going to join me and not participate in this recession!