I’ll Stop Comparing Realtors to Doctors, If You Stop Comparing Us to Used-Car Salesman…..Deal?

I really enjoyed reading this post and I think you may as well. 

After teaching private piano lessons for so many years and being loved by my clients, I was shocked to find out how much people did not care for realtors!  And, truth be told, I have heard some horror stories, so I can understand. 

But I would like for you to understand that WE’RE NOT ALL BAD!!! There are PLENTY of good, honest, hard-working realtors out there!  I would consider myself one of them.  Ask any of my clients. 

Here ya go:

Why do we need to be compared to anything? Why? I see all over the Internet Realtors comparing themselves to doctors, attorneys and CPAs to justify our commission. “Would you go to a doctor and expect him to examine you for free?” Oh, come on……let’s be fair. We have not spent years and years of study and practice just to get to the point where we COULD see patients. We don’t have thousands of dollars of student loans and we are not dealing with life and death. That’s just silly!!!

But….comparing us to the stereotypical used-car salesman is not fair either. I know there are many professional car salesman, so forgive me, but the term conjures up smoke-filled rooms and the phrase “what do I need to do to put you in this car today?” I have never used that phrase. The implication is that we, like the used-car salesman, cannot be trusted to be honest because we are 100% commission. That’s ridiculous! Many professions are 100% commission. I’ve had many such positions…..but you know some too. The Gardener, the pool guy, your house cleaner, your hairdresser…all commissioned, do you think twice before asking them questions? No you don’t!

Another comparison falls short in the deceitful quality of the stereotyped used-car salesman. (AGAIN….THIS IS JUST THE STEREOTYPE, NOT THE TRUTH). That the dealership, through the salesman, is hiding a true cost, or defect of the car in question. Realtors actually arrange for home inspections. We are not trying to hide anything…..just the amount of disclosures alone show that. We help our clients through all the stages of contingencies and are strong advocates for their rights. We are working alongside the client, not the dealership. This is a huge difference. It would be as if you brought your own agent to buy a car to do all the negotiation and inspection. Wouldn’t that be great!!!

There are bad eggs everywhere, in every profession….even, gasp, real estate. But the majority are hard-working, experienced, honest people who make things easier on their clients. If you don’t trust your agent….you are working with the wrong person.

So…we are not doctors, attorneys, CPS….but we aren’t used-car salesmen either. I’ll stop, if you’ll stop? Deal?