I Got a Laugh from Zillow Today

I Got a Laugh from Zillow Today

My Guess is that Zillow Makes a Lot of People Laugh

Today I had an email in my inbox from Zillow.  It read “Your Zestimate has increased 1.1%”.  I opened up the email and immediately started laughing out loud – yes, folks, I was lol-ing all over the place!

Zillow proclaimed to me that my house was now worth $190k. 

Now, being a very realistic real estate agent, I know what the value of my home is worth. 

I did not buy a beautiful house in a new neighborhood.  I followed the rule of real estate and bought the “worst house on the best street I could afford”.

So, during this horrible market, my home has actually increased in value, even though there are definitely times when I wish I was in a more aesthetically pleasing house. 

But I digress.  Let me just state that the house across the street, albeit with more square footage and a more updated kitchen, just sold for $535k.  And another one down the street just sold for $450k.  These two homes are in the same block that I live in. 

Zillow – thanks for the laugh, but “I DON’T THINK SO“.