How Your Smartphone Can Control Your Home!

How Your Smartphone Can Control Your Home


We live in a digital world. Technology has advanced astronomically in the past decade, especially within the last 6 years when Apple put out the world’s most superior smartphone, The iPhone. I remember being completely bewildered yet fascinated by the iPhone. It dwarfed every cell phone and its competitors, kicking the Blackberry out of its “Most Advanced Cell Phone” reign. Now, I cannot imagine life without a smartphone and it’s impressive capabilities that make life and our daily routines ridiculously more convenient. Smartphones are just that, “convenient”. And now they have extended their expediency by enabling us to control our homes even when we aren’t there!


Smart Thermostats

The company that designed the iPod has also created an incredible thermostat, the Nest. This thermostat has WiFi and it comes with an iPhone application that allows you to control the temperature of your home no matter where you are! Once you start using Nest it will learn your temperature patterns and routines and begin to start programming itself to help save you money on utilities!



Motion Activated Security Cameras

Motion Activated Security Cameras don’t record everything, they simply turn on once they detect motion. They can alert you on your smartphone that it’s turning on and you can be anywhere in the world and watch live footage from your home. You can also adjust the settings directly from your smartphone making it absolutely ideal for vacationing!



Security System

Say goodbye to that control panel mounted on the wall next to the door. Now your smartphones can be the control panel that allows you to access your system anywhere. You can also get alerts automatically sent to you to inform you of any foul play. If you use a smart key technology system like Lockitron, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your home when you’re not there allowing you to give friends and family access in your absence. Another great feature that will come in handy while vacationing!


Pet Feeder

If you are like me (loves my pet and super busy!), then you’re not always around during normal feeding time. Meetings run late, things come up, or maybe it’s been one of those hectic days and going out for a Happy Hour with your coworkers sounds intensely satisfying. There are now several applications you can download that allow a visual confirmation with a camera and remote food dispenser. Pintofeed is one of the feeders that uses this technology, allowing you to enjoy a margarita or two after that long and hard day’s work without worrying about getting home to feed your pooch!


Starting Your Vehicles

Although Nashville may not see the wicked winters of those of Fargo North Dakota, it does get freezing during the winter here. Having to run out in the cold in the middle of getting ready for work in the morning is a pain in the you-know-what! Often times we forget to do this added chore in the winter and then we find ourselves sitting in a polar car while it warms up, making us ten minutes late to work. Products like Viper have completely eliminated this inconvenience giving us the ability to remotely start our cars from our smartphones. Genius!! 



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