How to Host a Successful Open House

In my last blog I described the pros and cons of hosting an open house. If you are selling your Nashville home and decided that you’d like to open your doors to the public in hopes to attract a serious buyer then here are some helpful tips on how to have the most effective and successful open house to help expedite the sale of your home.


First & Foremost – Obviously the first thing on your checklist to conquer should be to clean your house and make it look immaculate. Clear the clutter, remove excess furniture that may crowd the room, open up window treatments to let as much light in as possible, landscape your yard, and remove personal items or things of value and lock them away in a safe place.


Technology, Technology, Technology – In this day in age technology has opened up huge opportunities to advertise real estate much more conveniently, efficiently and to a substantially broader potential client base.  The internet and Smart Phones have become vital when it comes to selling homes. has a free app for open houses. Make sure your agent utilizes programs such as these to advertise your open house. They can also post it on real estate sites such as,, in addition to Yahoo and Google portals. There is also a real estate section on open houses on Craigslist. Always post as many pictures as possible that showcase your home in the best possible way. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional photographer who knows how to take photos that open up the room from the right angles. Facebook and LinkedIn are other great ways to advertise open houses. Chances are your agent has an extensive friend base who include industry contacts who may just have the perfect buyer for your home.


Eye Catcher – You can buy inexpensive open house signs for your yard ($10 – $50) that are bold and stand out. Some agents like to dress them with balloons and although some people may regard this as a little tacky it truly does catch the eye of people passing by. Another good idea is to get several directional open house signs to place out near a main road that will draw and direct people to your house.


Welcome Your Neighbors – Although the thought of your neighbors wandering through 

your house peeking through your closets and cabinets may seem invasive, believe it or not your neighbors can be your biggest sales people! They will naturally advocate your neighborhood and encourage their friends to move there which can bring a lot of attention from suitable buyers. If you’d like to make the most of it then consider sending out invitations or fliers to your neighbors informing them of your open house. You can also do so via email or Evites if that’s more your cup of tea.


Create A Blank Slate – Creating a neutral environment is highly suggested as it allows the buyers to imagine themselves living in your home rather than being derailed by your personal photos or drawings on the fridge. If you have anything displayed that might offend people, such as an animal head or religious insignia, it would be wise to take it down as well. Try and make your home as “model like” as possible.


Be Security Conscious – You are letting complete strangers into your home therefore you should take proper precautions. Here a few things to consider before opening your doors:

      –    Have a sign-in sheet that includes full names and contact information. (Asking for  a Drivers License is something to consider if you feel necessary)

         – Do not allow anyone to use the bathroom. You want to be hospitable but allowing  strangers to use your bathroom is not a good idea. You don’t want any closed  doors between you (your agent) and strangers. Besides, your home is not a gas station.

         Remove any prescription or over the counter drugs from the medicine cabinets. You don’t want people stealing medications that can be potentially harmful.

         Lock away all valuables. Remove alcohol if you ordinarily have them out in a wine rack, bar, etc. This is particularly a wise precaution when minors are present.


Choose Less Common Hours – It’s typical for open houses to be held on Saturdays/Sundays from 1pm to 3pm, or from 2pm to 4pm. If you host your open house from 3pm to 5pm you will have an advantage because you will have less competition from open houses being held at the same time. Aside from that, having it at the end of the day allows potential buyers to take their time in your home without feeling the need to “go on to the next one”. They can walk through at their leisure and spend more time with your agent asking questions.


Have A Family Day – You should not be present during your open house. Buyers always feel more comfortable touring a home when the owner isn’t there. They can talk amongst themselves about certain features of the home without worrying about offending anyone. They also tend to be more honest with your agent and will offer their opinions and insight about the property. So pack up the family (including all pets) and take a short road trip or spend the afternoon at the park. If anything it’s a great opportunity to have some quality time together! 




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