How To Build A Home Office On A Frugal Budget


With more and more people working from home these days having a home office has become fundamental in many households. Being a Realtor and a new mother, working from my home office has become vital for my career and in maintaining my family household. Many people are opting to stay at home for the convenience and tax benefits rather than making that 45 minute commute into the office. If you are considering working from home to better suit your career needs but are weary of the expense to build a home office then here are some tips on how to build a home office on a frugal budget.


Identify Your Space – It’s great if you have a spare bedroom that you can convert into your office but you don’t necessarily need an entire separate room to allocate for your office space. The key to your office space is to make use of whatever space you have whether it be a corner of your living room or bedroom, a stair landing or a closet. Try not to use a space that can’t completely be freed up solely for your office use. You don’t want to have to move papers and files in order to change a diaper, etc.  

Devise A Floor Plan – You might be compelled to move things here and there and shove things into a space without really putting some constructional thought behind it. But if you actually take some time to measure your space (no matter how small it is) and get a functional grasp of how much area you have you will be able to see its potential. For instance you may find that small and inexpensive drawers that you can purchase at Walmart can be slid beneath your desk to offer more storage, or placed beside your desk to offer more counter space for a printer, vertical or horizontal files, etc. When you really explore the area you have you can make the most of its possibilities.

What Can You Do Yourself? – Obviously the work you can do yourself will save you money! Your office space will likely not be very big so consider painting the walls and hanging bulletin boards, etc. If you happen to be married to a handyman then consider installing your own cabinetry and shelving and doing any minor aesthetic alterations and modifications yourselves.

What Do You Already Have? – If you have furniture that isn’t being used much in one area of your home that can be utilized in your office space then it can save you money from having to buy additional furniture pieces. Do you have pictures or artwork stored in a closet somewhere that would be nice accents on the wall that are suitable for an office? Perhaps you have an old lamp sitting in the basement that would fit perfectly on your desk? The more you can recycle things you already have the better.   

Building A Desk Might Be Cheaper Than Buying One – Here’s a magical little tip: If you take two small filing cabinets on each side of a space and place a board over it then remarkably you’ll have an instant desk! Of course you would want to consider staining, sanding, painting or decorating the board as much as possible to make it look professional. But this is a very inexpensive way of creating a desk without having to buy one or if you don’t happen to be a handyman (or married to one) who can build a built-in desk.

Consider Buying Used – A lot of places like Goodwill, various thrift stores and garage sales all sell very decent furniture pieces at a fraction of the cost. You’d be surprised what gems you can find by just doing a little hunting. Granted it is likely that you may find pieces that have some wear and tear but sometimes a little TLC with a fresh coat of paint or some sanding can work wonders on used furniture pieces.


Get Ideas Online – The Internet is always the best place to do some research to get some creative and clever ideas when it comes to just about everything. Sites like or (Do-It-Yourself Network) can be very helpful. There are also great magazines you can get ideas from such as Do It Yourself Magazine. 




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