How Professional Do Consumers Feel Realtors in Tennessee Are? Survey Says!?!

How Professional Do Consumers Feel Realtors Are?  Survey Says!?!

How Professional Do You Feel Your Tennessee Realtor Is?

Here are the results of a recent TAR poll on the professionalism of realtors:


Last week, we polled readers on three facets of professionalismIntegrity, Dedication to Client Service, and Commitment to Stay Up-To-Date (well-trained and well-informed) — among REALTORS in Tennessee today versus REALTORS 5-10 years ago. Results follow…

1. The integrity of REALTORS today?

Much greater integrity 2.2%
Greater integrity 25.7%
About the same integrity 39.9%
Less integrity 26.5%
Much less integrity 5.7%

2. The dedication of REALTORS today to client service?

Much greater dedication 3.7%
Greater dedication 30.8%
About the same dedication 32.3%
Less dedication 29.4%
Much less dedication 3.7%

3. The commitment of REALTORS today to stay up-to-date?

Much greater commitment 6.2%
Greater commitment 40.0%
About the same commitment 29.1%
Less commitment 20.1%
Much less commitment 4.5%

Whether you agree or disagree with the findings, we hope everyone makes a New Year’s resolution for 2010 to excel in all three areas! Our entire industry would truly shine if this happened!


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