Housing Crisis 101: Education for Middle Tennessee’s Distressed Home Owner!

I usually try to generate my own content on my blog posts, but I felt like this article was a really good one to share and I didn’t want to go through it point-by-point and basically plagarize!


Here’s the gist of it (is that the way you spell gist?) – anyway, with the housing crisis, so many people are not sure what their options are if they are caught in a distressed situation with their house.  So this article explains (and it’s actually written to realtors) and fairly thoroughly explains the options for homeowners who are finding themselves in a crisis. 

Hope you find this article enlightening!

Introducing Distressed Home Owners to their Options by Ralph Roberts


Even if you are not a distressed home owner, you may like educating yourself on the options that are available.  You may have a friend or a family member who is in this situation – you can share with them what you learned!  Or maybe you are an investor who is thinking of buying at this low point.  Knowing the facts helps ALL OF US!!!



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