Home Tips For Post-Winter Weather

5 Quick Home Tips For Post-Winter Weather 


 Ahhh, it’s spring again! The winter chill has finally given mercy and we’ve all come out of hibernation. So with the harsh weather gone it’s important to give our homes a little TLC from the beating of the freezing cold. Here are some quick post-winter home tips that are a must-do before you start heading outside to enjoy glorious days at the park, fishing at the lake and backyard BBQs!


1. Let It Breathe! Pull back your drapes and blinds, open up all of your windows and sliding glass doors and let your house breathe for a day! Interior smells linger from everything being closed up all winter. So get yourself a handful of Glade Plug-Ins, let the sunshine through and get your house smelling vibrant like the crisp spring air.


2. Pack ‘Em Up What good is a walk-in closet if you can barely walk in it? Now that winter is gone so should the bulky winter clothes. It’s time to pull down those storage containers from the attic or garage and fill them up with all those puffy jackets, heavy coats, and winter boots. Spring is that perfect time of year to make room for your fun-in-the-sun clothes and free up some closet space. 


3. Power Wash/Remove Exterior Mold Do your home a favor and give it a nice shower. Power wash away the dirt, the  grime and the mold that has built up from all the rain and snow. Mold needs to be removed to prevent structural damage. Wash the deck, sidings, sidewalks and your driveway. You’d be amazed at how much of a difference getting that layer of dirt off will make. Your home will look like it was just freshly painted!


4. Service Your HVACHave a maintenance technician service your HVAC. Changing out the filter, checking the freon levels and the compressor is always a good idea after running heat all winter. As we approach the warmer months you’ll want to be sure that you’re A/C is running strong so you don’t get stuck in the heat.


5. Clean Out Them Gutters!Slap on a pair of garden gloves, grab your ladder and start cleaning out your rain gutters and downspouts. All the winter weather can do a number on your gutters and you also don’t want a fire hazard from any leaves or branches that are clogging them up. Icy weather can create ice dams that can bend and break gutters if they’re not tended to. 






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