History of the Victorian Style Home

History of the Victorian Style Home 


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Victorian Style homes is the word “decorative”. They are aesthetically ornamental. Their roofs are typically steeply pitched which contributes to what I think is quite elegant. This deems appropriate being that this style of architecture was introduced in Great Britain during the astute and elegant Queen Victoria’s rein from 1837 to 1901. However, many elements that are better known to be “Victorian” did not become popular until later in Queen Victoria’s reign. The styles often included interpretations and revivals of historic styles integrated with the debut of middle east and Asian influences. Here in Nashville, there are numerous neighborhoods that one might find a plethora of Victorian Style homes. Neighborhoods like Sylvan Park is a popular location for the more modest and quaint Victorians, where as more affluent neighborhoods such as Belle Meade boasts the more majestic and expansive Victorian Home estates. 



Most of Victorian Style homes have large bay windows in the front. The facades of the homes’ exterior extend asymmetrically to give the homes different levels of depth, creating a look appealing to the eye. They also usually have front porches and intricate window frames.


There are several variations of the Victorian Style home. One such variation is the Italianate Style which is themed from villas in Northern Italy. Unlike traditional Victorian Styles, the Italianate homes have flat roofs and are boxier in appearance than the typical tall and steep pitched style.


Another type of Victorian Style home Is the Queen Ann, probably the most popular of all Victorian Styles. This is the style that is painted in several bright colors, turrets ejecting from the roof line, along with projecting bay windows along the front and sometimes sides of the home. 


 Generally speaking, the Victorian Style home was designed and built for the wealthy and aristocratic. The elegance has transcended through centuries and continues to grace neighborhoods throughout Europe and the United States.


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