Hey Nashville, Check Out This Classic Hillsboro Village Pic!

Meet Patricio, Nashville’s Most Modern Cowboy, riding his electric bike through Hillsboro Village in front of the very famous (and yummy) Pancake Pantry! 

He was on his way to, what else, a gig!

I was sitting at the light at Hillsboro Road and Wedgewood/Blakemore and spotted him riding his bike.

I just had to pull my car over and ask him if I could take his pic.  I personally think he should be selected for “You’re So Nashville if…” contest.

Here’s his entry:

You’re so Nashville if you ride your electric bike through Hillsboro Village on your way to a gig with your cowboy hat, cowboy boots and black Wranglers on!!!

Thank you for the pleasure of meeting you, Patricio!!!