Green Luxury Living

Green Luxury Living

You are looking for your dream home but don’t want to have this large investment also leave a large carbon footprint. What do you do? Look for some features available in luxury living that are also environmentally friendly, of course!

One of the first steps to having a green home is to have energy-efficient appliances. This can range from your kitchen suite to eco-friendly washer and dryer to low-flow toilets. Other common household devices people often overlook as being a drain on energy resources are televisions and computers. Having an energy-efficient technology devices can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Another way to reduce the impact on the environment in your personal home is to furnish and decorate with salvaged or reclaimed wood. Both local companies (i.e. Good Wood Nashville, Woodstock Vintage Lumber, and Eagle Reclaimed Lumber) and national organizations (such as Tropical Salvage) custom build or sell wall hangings and furnishings from wood that is either salvaged from a river or reclaimed from previous structures. This method of furnishing your home not only gives you beautiful, unique, and personalized furnishings but helps in forest conservation.

For reducing emissions and bills in keeping your luxury home comfortable, consider such options as low-e (low emissivity) glass for your windows, which reduces the amount of energy that escapes through the windows. For insulation, using natural materials such as cellulose, sheep’s wool, or cotton or using icynene or aerogel, with their high efficiency ratings as opposed to the conventional fiberglass (which may contain chemicals harmful to those with sensitivities) will help reduce your personal impact on the planet.

Whether you are building a new home or buying an existing one, how can you make the fireplace green? With products like those available from EcoSmart Fire, you can have a beautifully designed fireplace without burning wood or gas. These bioethanol-fueled fireplaces have a clean emission, putting off only heat, steam, and carbon dioxide (which is absorbed by plants.) As a result, you do not even need to open the flue of the chimney, thus allowing more heat to remain in the room and reducing the need for additional heating sources.

And if you are still in the market for your green luxury home, consider a place like Terrazzo in the Gulch. Terrazzo is the first LEED-certified high-rise residential building in Downtown Nashville. And the Gulch is the only LEED-certified neighborhoods in the South. If urban living is your heart’s desire but you want to be kind to the earth, buy an already efficient unit in a building and neighborhood such as this. You will further be able to reduce your planet impact by living so close to so many amenities.

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